17 November 2015

28 Weeks Pregnant

Hello baby bump
Well, this pregnancy is trucking right along without too many complications (at the moment). I am about to enter into the third trimester, which means time is going to simultaneously speed up and slow down. According to Babycenter, the baby is about the size of a large eggplant (2-1/2 pounds and 15 inches long), and can blink his eyes and follow light around my belly.

Physically, I am feeling fine (at the moment). I've gained about 25 pounds so far: more than I've wanted to, but I'm not super worried about it. My doctor hasn't really mentioned it much. Heartburn, sciatica, carpel tunnel, and morning sickness have not really left me alone at all this entire pregnancy, and at this point I am just living with the discomforts of growing a human. I had to do the three-hour fasting glucose test a couple of weeks ago, to determine whether or not I am diabetic. After spiking my blood sugar, then crashing it, it took me almost two days to recover from that test, which included extreme weakness, violent vomiting, and dehydration. Fortunately, I do not have gestational diabetes, and I am eating a lot healthier now that I am at home all of the time, no longer working nights. I am able to function like a semi-normal human being, most of the time. Baby Boy is moving almost constantly, sometimes painfully. The more pregnancies I have, the less pleasant baby movements feel. Sometimes they are downright painful. I am now experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions almost every afternoon (a reminder that I should probably drink more water).  The only "unique" symptom to this pregnancy I am feeling is that my skin has become horribly sensitive (wrinkles in my blankets or clothes can cause me pain if I lay on them too long) and ITCHY. I itch all over! I don't really think it's my skin stretching since it's pretty much been stretched out for years after Cecilia. However, some days I cannot stand it. Regardless of how much I moisturize, shower with cooler water, or how much water I drink, I cannot stop the itching. I just want to cry from it sometimes or peel all of my skin off, because I feel like I'm going to go crazy from it.

Emotionally, I am all over the place. I have come to terms with having another boy, but the pain of being away from my girls and Hector is sometimes more than I can bear. I have emotional ups and downs all of the time, completely fine one minute, panicking the next, and crying five minutes later. This is not unusual for me; I battled depression the last time I was in Oregon. The pain of being separated from my family, plus the serious Vitamin D deficiency that occurs here I suspect are big players.

Also, I have recently realized that I have done almost ZERO planning/preparations for this baby! Both Cecilia and Isaias had immaculate crib sets and nurseries, and this kid has a car seat and all of Isaias's baby clothes. My older kids had amazing scrapbooks all set up and ready to go, and I haven't even scanned this kid's ultrasound images or taken that many "bump" pictures. Isaias and Cecilia both have huge bedspreads that I knitted for them, ad currently I have two half done Christmas throw blankets instead. It's not that I am not excited about this baby, because I am. It's more of a "oh, I can take care of it later" kind of thing and now it's later and I haven't taken care of anything. I do realize that this kid probably won't have an amazing crib set. Both Cecilia and Isaias never used their cribs and I am not outing that expense again. I don't need to get all of the latest gadgets; there are a couple of things on my "want" list. I'm not sure if it was Mexico, or that this is my third/fourth kid that makes me not want to buy "stuff". Perhaps I'm threatening to become a minimalist (I severely doubt it). However, reaching this point has kinda kick started my "nesting" urges, meaning it's probably time that I got on to getting ready for this baby, who will be here sooner rather than later!

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