30 November 2015

Holiday Weekend Recap

It was a pretty uneventful Thanksgiving weekend here:

I am, and have been a HUGE Black Friday shopper. I awoke bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to pick up my paper. I was rather disappointed in this years deals- some things were advertised as being on sale when I knew for a fact, they were regular price. I did not shop on Thursday or Friday for the first time since I was 13.

Baby is trucking right along... about 10 weeks to go.

My mother and I made an entire meal to take to my aunt's house. However, my aunt also cooked an entire meal, so we had plenty to go around to everyone.
*I spent Friday avoiding humanity*
Treated my son to a Happy Meal. I did venture out to go shopping Saturday evening, but Baby has decided to sit very funny in the womb and it feels like my leg is being ripped off slowly every time I move it, and walking and I just do not agree.
Today is the First Sunday of Advent, and the beginning of the new liturgical year for us Catholics and most Protestant faiths. So, today after Mass was spent preparing the house for the upcoming season of preparation and anticipation for the coming of Christ.
We lit our Advent wreath here at home. I'm trying to teach Isaias the verses, or at least the refrain of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" but I am finding that he does not really like singing.
This ugly hunk of miniature tree is a least as old as I am and I found it in my mother's basement, full of cobwebs and spider eggs. After a very thorough cleaning, I put a string of lights on it. This is going to be our Jesse Tree. If you've never heard of a Jesse Tree, don't worry- neither had I. Each day, there is an ornament (craft for us since I don't have the ornaments made) and a Scripture reading that traces Salvation History from Creation to the birth of Christ. I plan to include this in with our daily homeschool routine.
 Well, I hope every one of you had a peaceful and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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