01 December 2015

Christmas Album 2015

I love scrapbooking. I've done it for years and years, since before I had children, since before high school. I have a terrible memory, and putting memories and pictures down in an album helps me remember things that I would never have remembered. Several years ago, a scrapbooking blogger named Ali Edwards developed a concept where one scrapbooks ONE story a day during the month of December. It's sort of an Advent calendar, sort of a scrapbook, and throughout the years (since 2008) it has become my FAVORITE tradition during December.

Last year in Mexico, without a phone/camera that worked all the time, I was STILL able to complete 2014 (as in, assemble the album, take the pictures, and journal my thoughts in the pages. I'm still working on printing the pictures and putting them in). I love looking back over the years, and seeing what things we do every year, what things we've done once or twice, and how our family has changed and grown over the years.

This year, I am of course, doing this project again. I am sharing a few pages here, and I will include links to the designers and companies throughout the post. None of the suppliers are reimbursing me; I simply want to give credit where it is due.

This is going to be a picture-heavy post. You have been warned.
Cover and Numbers: I am not a big fan of decorating covers. I have found that through time, the decorations on the covers wear off and get ruined. While I love that the albums are getting enjoyed, I'd like to preserve their longevity. The album is a 6" x 8" canvas-covered SN@P album from Simple Stories. I chose this album because it was literally the last one at the craft store in my budget. Hey, I've gotta do what I gotta do. My page numbers are little metal buttons from Recollections. They match the papers that I chose really well and they are cute. I am not adhering numbers down this year beforehand. I will see where they fit nicely after I add the photos. I've had problem with numbers covering faces or having to tweak them later, only to have them not move so well. Since these won't be moved after I've attached them, I've decided to just wait on pinning them down.
Some people go all-out on their inside covers. I have in the past, as well. But seeing as I'm super broke this year, and also going on 8 months pregnant, I'd like to keep things simple. My inside cover page is simply letter stickers (Simple Stories) and a card from this year's kit (will be discussed in a moment). I slipped the card into a clear 6"x8" page protector, put in some glitter, and sealed the top with washi tape from Recollections. The chipboard stickers on the left side came with this years kit.

Papers and Pages: For this year's papers, I decided to go with Lori Whitlock's paper line from Echo Park Papers "The Story of Christmas". I really liked the mix of natural, graphic, and "cute" designs on the paper, offering a wide array of options. The pieces of the kits are sold individually or all together (which I bought). I thought that I wasn't going to have enough stickers or papers to make the whole album, but I was very wrong. The pre-packaged kit contained everything I needed to fill this 6"x8" album though, and still have enough left over.

The pages are all from Simple Stories, except for one, that I cut from a larger page protector that I had on hand. I really like this method of scrapooking. There is no gluing, just slipping pictures into 4x6 or 3x4 pockets. Easy-peasy. I bought several different sets of the pocket pages, and also used the ones included with the album.

This is the only page that I pre-arranged with a certain message. This is the page that should fall on the day that Cecilia is arriving to spend Christmas with us. I wanted it to be VERY special.

Christmas Day and Envelope Page: I like to use more than one page for Christmas day pictures. I end my album on Christmas Day (some people like to go through December, but I am too lazy). The number buttons at the beginning of the post only go through 24, so I used a "December 25" card for these pages. The page on the right is the page protector I made; I can't remember where it came from originally.

The envelope at the back of the album came with the album. At first, I was just going to remove it, like I did with the cardstock pages that came with the album. But then I used some of the stickers included in the kit and made a place to save the Christmas cards I get (which are far and few between). I definitely don't like tossing cards, so including them in this albums is a good way to 'corral' them.

Well, that is my album for 2015. I can't wait to start filling it up with December memories! 


  1. Looks great.. After my epic Project Life failure I didn't even attempt a December Daily~

    1. Aww... There's still time to catch up on PL and DD. Or do both. Either projects are really whatever you want to make them!