19 December 2015

December (So Far...)

Christmas is just a few days away, and there is still so much to DO! I had barely realized that I have not posted any updates since the beginning of the month, so here is a little bit of a photo update.

These were the ornaments and decorations I had really wanted to take to Mexico, but somehow, they didn't make it last year. I was quite happy to see them this year.
Isaias is really learning about salvation history and Advent through using the emails I get from Holy Heroes. I really love their program, their homemade videos, and their Catholic focus. Isaias really looks forward to his "Advent Time" part of his school day, when we make our Jesse Tree ornament, read the Bible, and light the Advent wreath.
Tamale Day came and went. I love tamales. I love making them. But they are a lot of work. These are rajas con queso, jalapeƱos with cheese and some other veggies for flavor. Total time needed for tamales- 6 or 7 hours before they go into the pot. I spent several days preparing them.
Baby Reyes got in on the tamale making, too.
 Cecilia was in a dance performance at school. Hector took amazing video for me, and she was so adorable. I love her so much.
We went to Las MaƱanitas for the Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12. It was a long night, but Isaias wanted to be there. He is really learning to love the Church and love going to Mass.   
Chocolate chip cookies. This is an old semi-secret recipe. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to share it.
My baby is home with me for Christmas. It was a ridiculous crazy day, but she arrived, happy and safe after missing her flight in the AM, spending all day with her aunt in San Diego, and boarding a flight as an unaccompanied minor. Shout out to Alaska Airlines for making her feel awesome and for helping me get her home without breaking the bank. And super kudos to my sister-in-law who went through hell to get her to me.
 I was waiting until Cecilia got here to really jumpstart the Christmas spirit around the house. First activity: putting up a Christmas tree! I must have the only kids in the world who don't enjoy this part. I had to force both of them to help me hang up ornaments.
Besties. Isaias's personality has brighten 100% and is so full of energy and excitement to have his sister here with him.

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