11 January 2016

Christmas Recap

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

This is just a little Christmas recap, finishing up 2015 before I dive right in to 2016.

I have made sugar cookies in some way, shape, or form, since my first Christmas memories. This is my mom's old recipe, found in an ancient Betty Crocker cookbook that's older than I am. However, this year was special because I managed to NOT burn a single cookie. There's a first time for everything, I suppose. Cecilia enjoyed helping me mix the frosting and decorating. Isaias made three cookies, and decided he didn't want to do that anymore.

We went to the mall to see Santa. Cecilia is still a believer at nine, and I really wanted to make sure that continues as long as possible. I know a lot of people don't do the Santa thing. We do, just like I did growing up. Cecilia asked for the Wii U, and Isaias asked for Legos, his newest obsession.


We attended Christmas Eve Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve at our local church. Cecilia was so excited because it was a bilingual service, and she could sing a long to all of the Spanish songs. Her Spanish is markedly improved since her arrival in Mexico. On Christmas morning, we woke up, opened presents, then put on our newest Christmas PJs, and lounged all day long. That's my kind of day since I am still pregnant, still huge, and very tired.

How was everyone else's holiday?

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