20 January 2016

The Home Stretch

Let us ignore my dirty mirror
Well, I'm finally in the home stretch of pregnancy. I've dealt with an international move, the night shift, illness, cellulitis, homeschooling, and a host of other rather stressful situations. I've dealt with feelings of letdown and loneliness, happiness and excitement, and a lot of exhaustion. I've been apathetic, nervous, and oblivious to most of this pregnancy. I'm sure that happens when you get to your third kid. I am now, just in the last week or so, finally getting a few things together to take to the hospital and prepare for baby.

Now, I am in the home stretch. It is a matter of days until I meet this little guy (who has been confirmed to be a boy by several ultrasound techs at this point). I am tired, swollen, and not well these last few days. I've had some pregnancy-related issues, which have confirmed my decision to return to Oregon as the correct one. There hasn't been anything too major, nothing that rest and close monitoring can't really help alleviate.

I just placed an online order for the last baby item that I wanted, and now I am just in a period of waiting. There's not a lot to actually do: my mom is knitting Baby a blanket, because my carpal tunnel has made it pretty much impossible to hold the needles. All of Isaias's baby clothes, plus the clothes I've received as gifts have been washed, folded, and sorted. The car seat is all set and ready to be installed into whatever car I might be in when we come home from the hospital. There is a bassinet for baby to sleep in until we head back home to Tijuana.

Isaias is ready to meet his baby brother. We talk about the things babies can and can't do, how they cry, and how much attention they need. He insists that his brother's name is "Friend". There is a name picked out, but it is Top Secret; I haven't told anyone what it is, in case there is a last minute change, and it is completely Hector's decision. Isaias is ready to go back to Mexico; he says that 'Baby Brother will be born on the last day, then we'll go back to Daddy's world'.  He misses his sister, Emilia, and his dad. He is ready to go back to the life we had, and frankly, so am I. I have LOVED being home for this pregnancy, and am so grateful for my parents to let me back into the house for this, plus all of the help they've given me. However, I do miss the life we had in Tijuana. That feels like home, too. And for Isaias, it kinda is. That is his hometown, where he is growing up. So, I'm getting more and more anxious, not to have this baby, but to get back to Tijuana. Is it weird that I am more excited for that, than to have this baby?

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  1. Just a few more weeks and you will have baby in your arms... I can only imagine how hard it is to be separated right now...