06 May 2016

Back Again

Home is where the heart is, and in my case, that means Tijuana.

Mt. Shasta, CA- leaving Oregon and my beautiful Cascades

My family is back in one piece; the period of separation and seclusion in Oregon is over.  I arrived home in the beginning of April after leaving Oregon without so much as a good-bye. It was a long road trip with a 2-month-old, but we managed and survived. Isaias was my real problem child during the trip- "We're never going to get back to Mexico" came from the back seat multiple times an hour as we drove through the HOT San Joaquin valley. My dad accompanied me on the trip- without him my 2 day drive would have taken a week.

Arrival back at the border was busy, as there is usually a line to get into Mexico these days; Aduana (Mexican customs) stopped me and while they didn't give a care about my dog or his papers, were rather concerned with my car full of books and homeschool supplies. However, I managed to get through without having to pay import, and I met Hector in our new colonia where he moved to.

We needed to upgrade from the way we were living- 5 people, a dog, and a cat do not fit in a one-
I have a stove- like a normal person.
bedroom apartment anymore. Hector found us a 3-bedroom house within our budget a couple colonias over. It is so refreshing not to be crammed into a tiny space with our all of our stuff. Now that we have space to spread out (like a kitchen), we've been having several lessons in adulting. I guess at 27, it's a good time to grow up. There are still a lot of things I need to get for a house and things I need to do, but we are pretty much set up like normal people.

The beginnings of my library
The kids chose to still share a bedroom, which I will still allow for a little while until Leo is big enough to share a room with Isaias, which leaves us an extra bedroom which has now been converted into a homeschool classroom. It is my happy space, and it is almost complete. I brought almost all of our books from Oregon, which gives me a small library. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I come into the schoolroom and I just admire it.

Leo is 3 months old now and is such a pumpkin. He is still a grumpy baby, but he is fitting right into our family. Hector met him for the first time and Leo took an instant liking to Hector carrying him around. He does not like Hector's beard at all and tries to get away from it. Leo loves music and being sung to, and mostly does not want to be ignored. He is very social, like Cecilia. In fact, they are almost identical babies, except that Leo has little interest in toys and would be perfectly content to spend his whole life eating.

Hanging out on the beach together
Isaias and Cecilia are happily reunited together, enjoying long sessions of Nintendo games and ice cream eating. Isaias is happy to be with his dad as well, but every once in awhile will tell me he misses Grandma and Grandpa. I tell him that I miss them too and we will try to visit as soon as we can. Cecilia is happy to have me home to do all the "mom" stuff for her- like take her to get her First Communion dress and pick her up from school. She is still excelling at school, although her teacher did mention that every once in awhile, instead of looking up unfamiliar words in a dictionary, she writes them in Spanglish. At least I know where I'm at.

I'm happy to be home and returning to my role of wife and mom; wife especially. Soon I will be returning to work, but for now, I am enjoying this time with my family. Mexico was truly missed, almost as much as Oregon is missed now. Sometimes, though, we forget we are even in Mexico- speaking English inside our house, it feels completely normal until we step outside and realize that we are in TJ and not Portland. Life is good.



  1. Welcome back to TJ, I'm glad it was a relatively smooth transition.

  2. Glad your family is adjusting!! Your baby boy looks like big brother!!

  3. Glad your family is back together~

  4. So, What colonia do you live in now and what is it like? I'm interested because I may need a place long term in Tijuana.

    1. We live relatively close to the border and it is okay- very busy because the line is so close. We used to live a bit further in and the colonia was more like a small town- everyone knew everyone. Different parts of Tijuana are very different from each other.

  5. Where is baby girl? You sound very happy!