20 October 2016

Tijuana "Autumn"

-Autumn is my favorite season. My birthday is in October, and the warm autumn colors prepare me for the upcoming cold of winter. Or at least, they did. Unfortunately, the autumn of my past life in Oregon does not exist here .Here, the weather continues in the 70s and 80s, the trees continue to be green, and the flowers continue to bloom. The lack of four defined seasons was very difficult to get used to my first year here. I've learned that I have to create my own autumn. Yes, the flowers are still in full bloom, yes the trees are green, but the night air is a bit crisper. There is pumpkin spice in the stores. Halloween costumes are hot ticket items in the markets.

How does one recreate autumn in a place that it doesn't exist? Well, step one is to buy yourself a pumpkin. That is what I did for myself for my birthday, I also bought a Halloween door hanger and a Halloween welcome mat. If you surround yourself with autumn things, you begin to think that is is autumn, even when your sweating out 12 lbs.

Fall is around in places. I found these few fallen leaves in Carlsbad on a family outing with my kids. I had to stop to take it in. I finally found some. Usually, we're so busy, I never get to notice the little details around me that scream "FALL".  Noticing autumn means to slow down and find the small details and reminders.

My welcome mat was a birthday present to myself. I was feeling so bummed, so depressed about being away from Oregon, that I bought myself some autumn. I unfortunately could not find any candy corn for myself, but this is good. I get to see this fall reminder every time I step out my front door.

There is one reminder that we cannot escape- there is the rainy season that is approaching. Here the rainy season is somewhere from late fall through late winter. There isn't much rain or accumulation throughout the season, but nothing says "home" to me like rainy fall days.

Not everything is autumn. There is still reminders of the endless summer that is this place. I had always dreamed of a place of palm trees and flowers, but I didn't know that it would mean giving up my truly favorite season. Now if the temperatures could drop into at least the 60s and 70s instead of the 80s, I would finally find my fall.

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  1. You're making me homesick :). Can't wait to get back to 664landia!

    And a little bit about why I like winter storms: http://postrick.blogspot.com/2016/09/winter-storms.html