08 December 2016

December Daily 2016 Week One

I am a story keeper. I document the bits and pieces and the stories of our ordinary lives to document the extraodinary. In December, this means I participate in December Daily. I record one story a day from December 1st through Christmas Day, and compile them into their own small scrapbook. The end result is an album compiling all of the magic that is the Christmas season. I've been doing this project since 2008, and it is always amazing to see the things that are the same every year, that are now almost family traditions, as well as see the new stories we experience as we evolve as a family.

This year, my scrapbooking process has been streamlined by the Project Life App. For many years, I was a physical product scrapbooker, carefully selecting my papers and embellishments to creatively tell our stories. In 2012, I switched to pocket scrapbooking, using premade card its to simplfy the scrapbooking process. When I first moved to Mexico, I lugged several boxes of scrapbooking products along with me, taking up precious space in our tiny home. This year, the creator of the Project Life method, Becky Higgins, released the app for Android, and I was a quick sell. I love the ease and simplicity of scrapbooking right in my hand. I don't have to worry about printing weekly, or carving out time for journaling in my already hectic schedule. I can do it on my break at work. The real decision came down to if I wanted to go digital for December Daily. I decided that, yes, this year due to budget constraints and time constraints, I would use the app for this project.

Now, I still have to print all of the pages assemble them into physical albums. Maybe in years to come, I will print them as large photobooks, but for now, I want my albums to match, and I started out 2016 with pocket pages. The pages for our family's main scrapbook will be printed at 12x12,  but the December Daily will be printed at and 8x8 size, because I like the feel of it being an "extra" project, not necessarily included in our family book.

I thought I would share my first week of December with you, so you can see the app, and how I am doing this project this year.
The cover page for the album was made using different parts of the Merry & Bright kit. The pinks match our Christmas decorations. Ijust dropped the cards into the pre-designed template. It took only minutes to make this page.

Day One:

We put up our tree. We actually did this November 30, but I had to work on the first, and I wanted to make sure we got a good tree before they were all gone.

Day Two:

Our Elf on the Shelf is quite the traveller, making his way back to us in Tijuana. Again, in the app, I have the option of making full-page photos. I love the dramatic look.

Day Three:
For Day three, I'monly sharing one side, because it is a page about the friends I'm making at work,and I don't think sharing their faces on the internet is a good way to keep friends.

Day Four:

December fourth was a nice day in the park, picknicking with my family before work. Not every story has to be "Christmas-themed". Sometimes the stories are simple. What is Christmas-themed is the overall story of the album in its entirety.

Day Five:

Day five was a family movie night. These are one of the themes that I find repeated every year. Christmas movies really bring out the holiday spirit.

Day Six:

December sixth is the feast day of the real St. Nicholas, who is thought to have given 3 dowry-less girls bags of gold so they could have  respectable marriages, anonymously. In many part of Europe and in mnay Catholic households,St.Nick visits on the eve of his feast day and leaves presents, or at least, gold coins in the children's shoes. He visited us and left us our gold coins.

Day Seven:

I made two-page spreads each day during December, but on the seventh, I only had one photo of our nativity set that Isaias picked out last year and made the creche for. When I used phsyical products for the project, I would use a sheet of patterned paper. Using the app, I did the same thing here,only I used a digital card from the app and made it into a full-sized thing. I actually like the way it turned out.

So, that's the beginning of our December this year. I hope every one reading this is having a merry season, and I will show off the next week of pages next Thursday. Have a creative week!

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