22 December 2016

December Daily Week Three

Welcome back to the blog for week three of my December Daily project for 2016. You can find Week One here and Week Two here.

Well, it was a slow December week around here. It is hard to create Christmas cheer when your whole life if spent sitting in the border line or being too tired on your days off for anything. I truly know how my mother felt all those years and why she was so tired! Anyways, onto the pages.

December 15

The fifteenth was a boring day, but it was a day spent watching my beloved Portland get a blanketing of snow and ice.  As I warmed my self in the Baja sun, I contemplated how comfortable I am getting with the climate here.

December 16

I do have a page for the sixteenth, but it includes many pictures of a work potluck/Secret Santa party we had with my coworkers, and I am not sharing the pages to respect their privacy. 

December 17

Tamales happened in the seventeenth. My sister-in-law and I spent the entire day making them. I taught her the way our mother-in-law taught me. This is one tradition I didn't grow up with, but that I've incorporated from Hector's life. 

December 18

When I first moved to Mexico, I had a collection of Christmas mugs simply for cocoa drinking. After that first year,  most of them didn't survive the time floors here and we're all broken. Three survive still, however, and I brought them out for some hot cocoa. 

December 19

Here's a little glance at what's on my Pinterest board right now. 

December 20

The kids penned simple letters to Santa. Since I'm doing this project all digitally, instead of with physical product, I can't include the original letters. So, to preserve their handwriting, I took pictures of the letters. 

December 21

We put together our annual gingerbread house. I really love this tradition, but I was nervous as our first year in Mexico, the house brought an infestation of ants. Not wanting to relive that nightmare, we waited until close to Christmas day, and I put it in a tray to move it to the refrigerator. The kids did all the decorating themselves, with me only setting up the frosting bags. That's a win for me!

So, that was our week. Not a lot of super Christmas-y things going on that one would think would be happening right before Christmas, but this year it's just beena challenge to adapt to life here in Mexico again, plus chase the three kids, and work full time. 

If you don't hear from me again beforehard, Have a very merry Christmas from my family to yours and a prosperous and blessed 2017.

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