15 December 2016

December Daily Week Two

Last week, I posted week one of our December adventures. Click here for that post.

December is trucking right along, and I must say again: I LOVE this project. Every year, I findmyself creating holiday activities for myself or my family. Some people might call that 'fake', but my motto is "Fake it till you make it". I always seem to sink into a December slump, but this project helps me find the tiny bits of joy every day that create the season.

I am really loving the use of the Project Life app. I originally thought that by using the app instead of physical product, I was going to lose the overall creative outlet that this project provides. However, with a mobile baby, homeschooling Isaias, Cecilia's busy activiy schedule, and my full-time job, there is no way I'd have this project done. So, this year I'm greatful for this app that allows me to document my life while giving the chance to actually live that life. Speaking of living life, the past week looked like this:

December 8

 I treated myself to my annual red cup at Starbucks. This is something I've done since they started making holiday drinks, and my only favorite is an eggnog latte.

December 9

This is about the time I get really stressed out and overwhelmed by the season and life in general. Plus, I almost ran out of gas. There's such a thing as being at the end of your rope.

December 10

I was working, but Hector took the kids to the new workout area at the park. 

December 11

The local interactive science museum has a big birthday bash for itself, and it was free all day! We squeezed in for a little bit of learning and fun. 

December 12

My mom had sent the ingredients to make some peppermint bark, but I decided to try to make peppermint bark fudge instead. Hector is not a sweets can, but it turned out okay.

December 13

Every year, I make picture frame ornaments for the kids. This year, however, I could not find the little wooden frames that I usually use at any store. I did find these penguin photo frame ornaments at Michael's, so I bought three and put the kids' pictures in them. I'm happy with them.

December 14

Cecilia had a singing solo in English in her school Christmas concert  She was very nervous, but as soon as she saw me, she opened her mouth and sang her little heart out. I was so proud.

How's your December coming along?

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