25 January 2017

52WGC|Week Four

Welcome to week four of the 52-Week Gratitude Challenge. I started this challenge for 2017 as a way to recognize the small things in my life that make it magical and worth living. Other posts can be found here.

Week Four of this challenge asks me to focus on one family member that I'm thankful for. Well, I'm obviously thankful for all of these people that I share my life with. This week happens to coincide with Leo's First Birthday. I can't believe that an entire year has gone by since he flew into the world and joined our family. He's definitely made life more magical since his arrival, so I'm going to look back at his first year of life. Leo arrived after a long induction, but a quick active labor, in January 28. Hector and Cecilia were in Mexico, I was in Oregon. Our family was separated temporarily, but it was an obvious gap between us. Leo's arrival filled that right up.

When Leo was just 2-months-old, we headed home to Mexico. It was a difficult drive, but we survived and made it. Having my whole family together simply took the cake. I thought my heart would burst from joy. That is what life was supposed to be about.

Leo was a difficult baby up until very recently. He cried all of the time. He wore on our nerves. He was clingy and unhappy most of the time. Hector and I were losing our minds trying to figure Leo out. Instead of driving a wedge of contempt between us, it brought us closer as a couple and strengthened our family.

The hardest day of our lives was the day I had to return to work. I was so miserable being away from my baby. It was hot. It was lonely. The absolute worst part however, was trying to pump enough milk for his little self. We had to supplement for a little while, and that made me depressed. I had been blessed with an oversupply of milk when both Cecilia and Isaias were babies, but not this time. I had to deal with trying to pump and my feelings of inadequacy. Ouch. It was rough.

About a month or two ago, Leo began walking. He says "DaDa", "Dog", "Do-Do" (Gordo, a nickname for Isaias) and "Cece". He still does not say "Mama", but I guess I have to live with it. He likes to climb into boxes, wear scarves, and watch animated farm song videos. He thinks Cecilia is the greatest person in the world. His favorite food is fried potatoes. He has 6 teeth (4 on top and two on the bottom).

Leo has been the icing on the cake of our family since his arrival. His laugh is pure magic and his smile is like sunshine. I am so thankful he's here. Happy bithday, Hermoso Boy!

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