11 January 2017

December Daily Christmas Week

This is the last post about my December Daily 2016 project. The other posts can be found here, here, and here

Welcome back for the last post in this series.It feels so good to pack this project away until next year. My work schedule around the holidays left a lot of time for the absence of any holiday cheer: the attitude in the air just lacked the normal, festive jolliness that I'm used to. Either way, here are the last layouts of the project:

December 20

Cecilia and Isaias penned letters to Santa since it became clear that we would not make it to visit him at all. I just photographed the letters, since they wrote them while I was at work. I thought it was a good way to include their handwriting in this project.

December 21

Making a gingerbread house is one of my absolute favorite traditions. We waited till the end of December to do it- our first year in Mexico we made one and it brought a plague of ants. I was nervous about that happening again, so we agreed that the gingerbread house would be kept in the fridge. And fortunately, there were no ants.

December 22

Just a page about a little tradition that my mother started for me- a 'Baby's First Christmas' ornament, and what Leo's looks like.

December 23

We had a nice day just going out to eat. 

Chistmas Eve

This page took forever to make because it turned out so awful, that I didn't want to think about everything again. But, it was made, because I think it's important to record all of life's stories, not just the happy ones.

Christmas Day

A two-part spread for Christmas Day: first a page about Christmas morning, then some nice pictures we took in the park.

Last Page

Hector wasn't really wanting to share this picture, but it's the only family photo we've taken all year. I thought it by itself was a good final page for the album. All that's left is to print out the pages and slip them into an 8x8 album. 

I'm glad to have finished another year of this project, even just digitally. I enjoy looking back through the years, seeing similarities and traditions, as well as the growth and progression of our family. This is one of my favorite projects, and I'm very glad to have shared this process with you, the reader.  

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