04 February 2017

52WGC|Week Five

Welcome to week four of the 52-Week Gratitude Challenge. I started this challenge for 2017 as a way to recognize the small things in my life that make it magical and worth living. Other posts can be found here.

Week five (already) invites me to think about and reflect on something someone gave me. Well, my parents win this award. They recently brought me a car. It's not a new car. It's old and has a few quirks . It's not fashionable or flashy. But it gets the job done. I get from Point A to Point B.

 Nothing beats taking a bus and a train, then a 2-mile walk in the midst
of a terrible rainstorm...
As I wrote before, my car gave out on Christmas Eve. We tried and tried to repair it. However, we have not been able to find the replacement part for it. Either they no longer make it, or the car was somehow custom built. I have been walking about 3.5 miles a day to get to work, and I've been enjoying the weight loss and I feel really good about myself. In fact, I'd keep walking if I did not get off from work so late.

...except maybe walking in the dark.
I've been dependent on my co-workers and friends for rides after work, either to the San Diego trolley  or even to the line. But I really hate depending on other people. Hector and I are very solitary people. We don't usually ask people for anything if we can help it. It's embarrassing to ask for help when I try so hard to be self-sufficient. However, the busses quit running before I get off from work. I have to ask for a ride because it's a two-mile walk in the dark otherwise.

So my parents brought me a car. They want me safe. I am insanely blessed to have parents like them. They drove all night across two entire states to bring me a way home. I don't deserve it, really. I tried to talk them out of coming. They are old and I'm old enough to buy my own car or not. But the kids of course, love being with Grandma and Grandpa. The car is a huge help so we can find the parts to fix the other car. We can get groceries. It's not a shiny car, but it's the thought put into it by the givers that makes it priceless to me.

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