03 February 2017

Falling Leaves in January

I am an Autumn girl. I love the cooler temperatures, the leaves of fiery red and golden yellow, and that twilight glow as the nights approach earlier and earlier. I was born in October and I grew up in an area of proper seasons. Upon moving to Tijuana, with it's semi-arid climate and lack of leafy trees, I quickly realized that autumn was not a part of life here. It seems to me that there are two seasons: summer and the rainy season. Summer is extraordinarily warm for me and my pale skin; I have to hide from the unforgiving sun as much as possible to avoid burns. The rainy season is just like summer except that it rains a couple of times and that the temperatures are a bit more tolerable.
Currently, it is the end of January. I can buy a bag of fresh citrus fruit or a flat of strawberries on any street corner in town. This is a place of a truly-endless summer. Everything is in season at almost any time. I can get any fruit or vegetable at the sobreruedas market at any time of the year. One might consider that a perk to living here, and they'd be right. But I am not a summer-loving child. Endless summer is not pleasant for me. I need the fall.

There is time when some of the trees do lose their leaves. With the massive rainstorms that we've had, there are even some naked trees along my walk to work. The colorful, but dead leaves lay scattered across the pavement. The trees themselves look alien compared to the bougainvillea vines that are in full bloom that twist up the trees and sides of buildings. The blossoming hibiscus flowers and the blue skies almost make me forget that this is winter. It's a joke that there are parts of the country where one can experience every season in a week; here in Tijuana/Southern California, I've experienced all four seasons at one time. I was walking to work and it was hailing, while there was blooming flowers and fallen leaves underfoot.

I missed my opportunity to celebrate the fall. In September and October, the weather was still hot and the leaves weren't even beginning to change. It didn't give me any urge to crochet something warm or bake or store food up. However, part of moving to a new part of the world means adapting to change. Perhaps it's time to rethink about how I celebrate the seasons. The air is cooler now. The leaves are falling down now. It is now fall- in January.

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