17 March 2017

52WGC|Week Eleven

So, welcome back to the 52 week gratitude challenge. I have been struggling to keep up with the challenge, but I'm trucking right along. Week eleven's post is a little late, and it asks me to focus on a person who inspires me. I wrote in the intro to my last 52WGC post that I do not like writing about people other than my immediate family, as it is rude and intrusive to their privacy, but today I am writing about someone who has made my life in Mexico a bit more liveable. Hopefully, she'll forgive me and get over it.

My sister-in-law Corrina picked up and moved to Mexico almost right after her husband was deported. She loaded down her car and her kids and moved into the world's crappiest apartment. She didn't speak the language that well. She didn't have a job. She sold almost all of her belongings and said good-bye to Oregon. Her first year in Mexico was probably worse for her than mine was for me. She didn't hesitate to come like I had. It's true our situations of our previous lives were different, but at the end of the day, she was braver than I was. She inspired me to take the plunge and come. Seeing her survive made me realize that maybe I could survive.

I think she might wish that I had a different picture for this post,
but it was in my phone. Ill take another soon, I promise.
When I first came, we lived with her in her apartment. We shared food and tried to make our lives work. We butted heads a lot. It's difficult when ten people are shoved into one house. We moved out and have been pretty solitary since, but Corrina and I still always depend on each other. Sometimes, it's a simple thing, like needing a ride to work when a car breaks down or picking a kid up from school. Other times it's something serious, like being at the ER when the other is too sick to drive, and our husband's can't cross. Sometimes Mexico is not a fun, happy, colorful place. Sometimes homesickness gets the best of us, and there's no one else who can rally relate. Sometimes the culture shock still gets to you, and you have to talk to someone who really understands the sacrifices that you've made.

Corrina is that person for me. We have not always seen eye to eye. In fact, sometimes I wonder if we really even like each other. We are very different people with very different backgrounds and experiences. Her bubbly personality is sometimes more than my poor introverted self can handle. But she is always there when I truly need her. She is family, and that is a precious jewel to hang on to when you've completely uprooted your entire life.

Oh yes, she also inspires me to get off my butt and head to the gym. She'll keep me from premature death that way, I suppose. Thanks for looking out.

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