20 March 2017

Playas de Tijuana

I had a day off. I get these weekly, like most people, but my days off are usually just as busy, or busier than the days that I go to work. I finally needed to get some air, so I decided that we should go walking on the boardwalk at the beach here in Tijuana. It turns out, the boardwalk, and the adjoining city park that butts up against the border fence is a vibrant and alive place full of art.

First of all, last year there were some very high tides that erroded a huge chunk of the beach away, exposing muddy cliffs. People have taken advantage of this medium to make some amazing sculptures in the cliff faces:
So much love

The sun and the moon

Horses in love

The greatest love story ever told

Love the planet

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the artists. I didn't even know these were here until I followed Cecilia aross the pebbled beach looking to see if any tide pool/sea gardens have started growing in the rubble from last winter's storms (they haven't). The walk is pretty inaccessible for anyone unsteady on their feet, and in located directly under the cliff at the southern end of the boardwalk, down by the firefighters/lifeguards.

Heading north on the boardwalk means that you run right into the ugly border fence, However, Tijuana is a city with an exploding art scence, and the world is the canvas of these artists. They've managed to take something as ugly as the giant fence and turn it into something that causes people to think about its underlying meanings.
Isn't it already high enough?

At least it's trying to blend in

Looking up

Mexico is putting these metal signs all over. I love them.

In distress.

The northen-most limit of the Republic


In Memoriam

Two sides of the same wall

I liked this whale. 

Tabasco is an Eden.

I posted this last picture on my Instagram account. Hector had never really been here to the park before, and I had only come this close to the fence a couple of times on my own. We never talk much about the fence, but I thought this image of Hector was rather powerful. There is a life we lived before, and a life we live now. He was glancing through the fence, something I don't ever recall him doing, back at a life that we will never live again. 

Playas de Tijuana is a great, inexpensive escape for the people of Tijuana. Yes, we could drive further south to Rosarito or Ensenada, but Playas is a 15 minute drive, and it doesn't have a lot of the extras geared to tourists. It's a place for picknicking and being with family. Most of our Playas trips are just fun days at the beach. On this particular day, our trip was full of surprises and emotions that we had tried not to feel for some time. 

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